This is the year of scaling and startups are in "prove it" mode to their VCs. But the challenge is that everyone is using the same saturated 101 Go To Market playbook for revenue growth.


Industry experts agree on the major 2017 shifts and how to get smarter and sophisticated about GTM for high-growth companies to predictably scale. Selling with nets vs. spears gets a major shake up as technology automation and artificial intelligence drive new sales specialization. If you’re looking to do more than ride 2017’s trends and actually close more deals at the end of the day, this webinar is for you.


Top 2017 Sales Trends and How to Close More Deals

  • The rise of value selling, industry market knowledge, and evangelism in the sales process
  • Why new technologies and processes are necessary for predictable revenue scale
  • Balancing the pursuit for net new customer acquisition vs. account renewal and expansion
  • How Customer Success and Account Management are coming together as a renewal growth engine
  • How Sales and Marketing need a leadership upgrade and are aligning through Account-Based Marketing
  • What revenue-related roles and skills are critical and how to find them

What You'll Learn

Founder & CEO

Sales Hacker

Meet The Speakers

Carolyn Betts


Max Altschuler



Modern Sales Salon

Founder & CEO

Betts Recruiting

Pete Kazanjy

Matt Lopez



Daniel Barber


VP of Sales




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